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Bath & Body

Science suggests that when we're surrounded by scents we love, we experience a boost in mood and creative thinking. So if you're having a particularly difficult or stressful day, it might be time to indulge in a little cashmere from Hillhouse Naturals.

Hillhouse Naturals' scent of cashmere, one of Ana's favorites, is made from a delightful combination of roses, magnolia, sampaguita, citrus, and clove. Sampaguita, a type of jasmine from the remote region of Kashmir, is said to be a symbol of loyalty, faithfulness, and innocence. The cashmere collection contains a little of everything – including home fragrance spray, French-milled soap, bath salts, cashmere room spray, linen mist, and fabulous candles.

We continually source new additions to all our collections. So continue to visit us online and in our shop at 523 Main Street in Melrose, MA (once retail shopping is deemed safe).